The Akron Skatepark acts as an escape from the stresses of daily life for many people around the Rubber City. Located right next to the former sight of University of Akron's Rubber Bowl and Goodyear's Blimp Hangar the park offers a unique backdrop for skaters of all ages that come to the park.
Opened in 2001, the Akron Skatepark boasts a 19,000 sq. feet, featuring bowls, pipes, stairs and much more. The park is built for skaters of all skill levels.

Ronnie Hook, 15, rides his bike through one of the bowls.

A crowd gathers after the group took turns jumping over each other on their bikes.

Trash and tools lie on the ground near the top of the park where skates congregate. 

Seth Webb, 16, lays on the ground as he waits for his friends to ramp over him.

Jake Brashier rides his bike around the outside of one the bowls.

Ronnie Hook, 15, poses for a portrait.

Jake Brashier jumps from one bowl to another.

Jake Brashier does a trick as the sunsets on the park.

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